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Working with Mike and the team at IMG has been a great process.

It’s not that they don’t want to; they just need to be reminded and, every once in a while, even incentivized. Working with Mike and the team at IMG has been a great process. They take time to really understand who I and my clients are and the best way to reach them. A pristine corporate and brand image matters just as much as personal reputation.

Honest reviews of the company's reputation

How the public perceives your business, goods, or services is your reputation, and managing that reputation is essential when user reviews and ratings are so influential in the minds of today’s consumer. So, what do you do if your businesses reputation is at risk thanks to negative content about you online? One of the best ways to deal with this is by enlisting the help of a business reputation management company such as Igniyte. Their experts are going to be able to assess your presence online and your online reputation and then take the necessary steps to improve it. Reputation management is a mandatory strategy if you want your business to succeed in an increasingly competitive online marketplace.

Are You a Marketing Agency?

However, it wasn’t just the incident going viral that caused this damage. There are plenty of examples of companies that were ruined by reputational crises.

This will help you know exactly where you are in relation to your competitors, and can better inform your marketing strategy and how to position your brand. This company allows you to automatically send uss express review messages to customers on Facebook Messenger to ask for reviews. It also has a great direct integration with Google’s private API. This encourages customers to review your business directly on Google.

Practices for Effective Lead Nurturing

Empower your business to collect authentic customer feedback, read reviews, and respond appropriately by finding tools that help with the process. A platform like Trustpilot can make it easier for customers to leave reviews, and for your brand to internalise that feedback, learn from your mistakes, and quickly respond and engage with customers.

  • After all, if the company cannot keep its own reputation in a positive light, it’s fair to wonder if the company can do better for you.
  • Nearly 62% of online shoppers perform a search for the company when unfamiliar with it and few are likely to buy if they see negative reviews on the first page of the search results.
  • In fact, most people are even willing to overlook negative reviews or comments if the company responds.
  • Customers want and need to see reviews in order to trust your brand, even if there are bad reviews mixed in with the good.
  • When your online reputation is positive, customers and future customers will understand that you are a trustworthy and credible company.

An expert will help with social media monitoring, adhering to your content marketing strategy and ensuring any issues get addressed quickly by routing them to the right people. This is yet another method of maintaining your online reputation. Reputation Management – 90% of customers care about reviews and search engines use reviews to determine SEO ranking. Don’t dilute your profits with the rising paid media costs -, instead focus on organic search engine optimization strategies for branches, mortgage loan officers and your company. This is your competitive advantage against large digital disruptors that solely rely on paid media.

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