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Then they try to monetize the removal or mediation of these comments.

It has an easy-to-use internal search engine which lets users search for software based on industry, company, or software type. Once a search processes, Capterra displays a list of companies relevant to your keyword and a brief summary describing their product. For particularly poor reviews, reps can follow up with these customers and prevent potential churn. They can highlight specific pain points and review craft personalized responses geared to specific problems. This makes your customer service team appear more invested in your customers’ goals, which results in fewer negative reviews and increased customer retention. Sure, you can get online customer testimonials by giving customers discounts, points, or freebies, but there are plenty of people who write unsolicited reviews for magnanimous reasons.

  • Customer reviews are pieces of feedback given to a business based on a customer’s experience with the organization.
  • You’re free to respond to reviewers, too, but we recommend taking a balanced and polite approach to any negative reviews you receive, as Yelpers are in a pretty tight-knit community.
  • Then they try to monetize the removal or mediation of these comments.
  • Site visitors can read company reviews, and get the latest information on over 10,000 companies.
  • Instead of grouping the reviews you read into “good” versus “bad,” evaluate the issues individually and decide what they mean to you.

Citysearch uses a bi-modal, thumbs up/thumbs down rating system. This is calculated based on the percentage of users/scouts that have recommended the business.

Products and activities

So, don’t just pat yourself on the back the next time you get a five-star review; Make sure everyone knows how good a job your company is doing. Quality businesses want to give their customers the best products or services possible. If a customer points out a problem with the product or a way to improve the service, then this can help the company deliver even better products or services in the future. Most of the time, the criticisms made in these reviews are sandwiched between positive accolades for your product, but even the occasional negative review is beneficial. Customer reviews are pieces of feedback given to a business based on a customer’s experience with the organization. These reviews can be public or private and are collected by either the company or third-party review sites. By obtaining and analyzing customer reviews, businesses can measure customer satisfaction and improve their customer relations.

real company reviews

Finally, as a follow up to a company event you could send an email out encouraging employees to upload photos from the event to the company Glassdoor page. You might find that while they are there, they leave a review as well.

Home Services

This blog post won’t get into sites that are specific to one industry, but it will provide review sites that apply to businesses in almost any industry. At Real Time Reviews, we provide businesses with a way to grow their local rankings and get more customers by maximizing the reach of positive reviews. Our app works with every company from hospitals to home service experts and beyond, providing customers with a way to share their great experiences with your business. With RTR, we give you an easy platform where your customers can share their positive reviews and experience about your business.

We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. When you have to put in a disclaimer about having real people and real employees and that you’re not a scam company or a MLM company, yeah, you’re just review a scam. ONPASSIVE, a leading AI development company, secures your business’s sensitive and regulated data with its’ AI-driven frameworks that encrypt your data and applications with utmost security.We love onpassive.

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