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SOCIAL TRADER TOOL All You Need To Know About Social Trader Tools

A currency pip calculator is a forex trading tool that allows the trader to determine the amount a pip is worth based on the size of their position in their local currency. A typical pip calculator might also show the pip value for a specified currency pair based a Standard lot of 100,000 units, a Mini lot of 10,000 units, and a Micro lot of 1,000 units. Some of the most useful and popular tools for traders are fundamental analysis tools that can be accessed by anyone online, such as economic news calendars. It is also important to assess whether your chosen social trading provider offers a proprietary platform. By this, we mean that you can access social and copy trading features directly from the provider’s website, so there’s no need to download or install any software.

  • Several forex signal trading services are also available that provide trading cues that can be helpful for novice traders.
  • To get the ball rolling, head over to the eToro homepage and click on the ‘Join Now’ button.
  • With Social Trader Tools you can offer your own trading account out to other users as a signal via a signal page.
  • The system can automatically archive inactive accounts after they are deleted or archived in the MT4/5 server.
  • If, however, you’re looking for a top-rated platform that also offers social trading features, FXTM has you covered.

Advanced technologies allow us to receive reliable news, trade statistics and other important data about financial markets without delays. This enables our clients to get up-to-date quotes before other traders, make profitable deals and make dotbig review profit. I work and earn on this platform because it is a simple online investment, with a company that offers the best financial services. Before you use a social trading platform, check to see if there’s a free trial or a demo account.

Taking all of this into account, below you will find a selection of the very best social trading platforms to consider in 2022. Whether you’re looking for a social forex trading platform, stock trading platform, or Bitcoin trading platform, we’ve got you covered. Traders running signal services or managing investors funds are more likely going to need the premium package, which covers 20 accounts for $220. It’s worth knowing that if you need more than 20 accounts on your trade copier, more packages are available. Copy traders, manage all your exchange accounts, use market-making and exchange/market arbitrage and simulate or backtest your trading. Let alone the fact that having the process fully automated is going to save you a huge amount of time everyday – especially if you have 4 or 5 accounts on the go at once. Social Trader Toolsis a platform built for forex traders looking to copy trades from one account, to multiple others, automatically.

Having a recorded history of each trade, why it was initiated and the reason for liquidating the trade can give a trader some valuable insights into their trading habits. The UK-based trader dotbig testimonials made gains of 52% and 103% in 2019 and 2020 respectively. There are many other filters available, so spend some time exploring the platform to find a trader that meets your needs.


There really is no competition in the social trading platform space when you look at the numbers. That is to say, eToro is without a doubt the market leader in this sector – with more than 17 million clients now using the social trading platform to invest. Simply upload your account credentials to the platform and your accounts will be hosted securely in the cloud 24/7.

all the necessary tools for the social trader

The trade copieris the most popular feature within Social Trader Tools platform. Instead of posting selfies, participants share their latest trades and strategies.

Social Trader Tools Product Features

At the other end of the spectrum, eToro is home to over 700,000 verified copy traders . This is crucial, as you can really do some deep-digging on the trader before you decide to invest. For example, you can view the historical trading performance of the individual – in terms of average monthly returns. Although social and copy trading is getting more and more popular with the average Joe investor, the number of top-rated platforms active in this space is still relatively small.

all the necessary tools for the social trader

The hosting packages are also not 1 master and many slaves, the system doesn’t care whether your accounts are masters or slaves. Unfortunately we won’t be changing our pricing model as this has worked very well for most people in the last 5 years of service. Therefore, Social Trader Tools enable you to manage an infinite number of MT4 accounts from any MT4 broker. Therefore, these platforms keep advanced trade copier tools to match the varied investment choices of different people. After setting up your account, you can easily configure the trade copier based on your unique investment choices.

Social Trader Tools is by far the most advanced & simple-to-use software that is out today for traders. Similarly, an opportunity you thought to be dry could become profitable within a few days. Nothing is certain in this world of trading and this volatility makes continuous connection necessary for all traders. When you know what is happening in the trading world, you can trade better. When searching for social traders to copy, you’re likely going to base your decision on their historical trading results.

What Is Crypto Social Trading?

Holderlab saves more than 336 hours annually on manual rebalancing assets. It is easy to incorporate trades from your favorite traders into your trades. When it comes to replicating a master investor’s calculated investment plans, social trading helps connect. Copy trading is more about the action – copying what the others are doing in the trade market. Has been instructed on over 7 support threads outlining issues with their copier configuration, preventing trades from being copied. You can also restrict what brokers can be used on your Whitelabel and even add a broker affiliate link to funnel users to your preferred broker. One of the most useful and popular tools for the forex trader is the economic news calendar.

Proprietary Platform or MT4

Although I am trading on the higher time frames that does not require me being too precise, using this tool saves me a lot of time. These are all the features that I would expect from a service of this nature, so it’s good to see that they are all included. This service is really unlike anything I’ve reviewed in the past, but it does give traders the opportunity to create their own Forex Social Trading Network, like Alps Social, or Myfxbook Auto Trade. We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. At the end of this post, you will get to know everything about Social Trader Tool, features, pricing and what other traders are saying about this forex trade copier. This isn’t a feature that any of the other leading trade copiersoffer, so I would certainly take advantage of this soon if this business model would be of interest to you.

eToro – Best Social Trading Platform with 0% Commission to Trade Stocks

Automated trading and “expert advisor” software is also supported by Metatrader 4. In addition, it enables the user to employ their own parameters for both premade and custom indicators. MT4 also offers the ability to trade other asset classes supported by their online broker, including metals, energy products and stock indexes.

As such, you need to explore what fees you will be liable for before you open an account. If, however, you’re dotbig testimonials looking for a top-rated platform that also offers social trading features, FXTM has you covered.

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