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The school initially intended to remain a Big South member in other sports until it received an invitation to an fbs trade conference, but instead joined the non-football ASUN Conference in 2018. Conference USA (C-USA) eventually announced in November 2021 Liberty’s future addition to that conference, with Flames football moving to C-USA starting in the 2023 season. The Big Ten was founded in 1896, after which several other schools joined together to form conferences, including the Pacific Coast Conference, the MVIAA, the Southwest Conference, the Southern Conference, the Mountain States Conference , and the Border Conference. In 1928, six schools seceded from the MVIAA to form the Big Six Conference, which later expanded to the Big Eight in 1957; the remaining schools formed the Missouri Valley Conference. In 1932, several Southern schools formed the SEC after breaking away from the Southern Conference, and in 1953 several more schools seceded from the Southern Conference to form the ACC. In 1959, the Pacific Coast Conference dissolved, and most of its former members formed the new Athletic Association of Western Universities, which became the Pac-8 when more former PCC members joined. In 1962, several schools from the Mountain States Conference and the Border Conference formed the Western Athletic Conference.


The Football Bowl Subdivision gets its name from the bowl games that many teams play at the end of the year, although other college divisions also have their own bowl games. FBS bowl games are played at the end of the season in December or January, and collectively generate over $400 million per year as of 2012. In certain cases, 5–7 and 6–7 teams can also be selected to bowls, usually to fill bowl vacancies.

College football TV schedule and times

Often, more than one team would finish undefeated, as the top teams were not guaranteed to play each other during the regular season or in bowl games. In 1992, five major conferences established the Bowl Coalition in order to determine the champion. In 1998, the two remaining major conferences joined with the other five conferences to form the Bowl Championship Series. The BCS used a rankings system to match up the top two teams in the BCS National Championship Game. However, even the BCS era saw split national championships, as in 2003 the AP Poll and the Coaches Poll selected different national champions. The College Football Playoff, with a four-team field, replaced the BCS starting with the 2014 season.


Independents that joined an AQ conference by the BCS’s inaugural 1998 season are represented by black circles, while the remaining independents are represented by silver pogs. College football teams in 1927, before six MVIAA teams formed the Big 6. Notre Dame is a full member except in football, in which it remains independent. It has committed to play at least five games each season against ACC opponents, and to play each other ACC member at least once every three years. Includes the College Football Playoff National Championship, which involves the winners of two semifinal bowl games.

NCAA College Football news, scores, stats and FBS rankings

In 1982, the size of the division was cut considerably, and the Southern Conference and the Ivy League were demoted to the FCS. In the 1980s and 1990s, several independents joined conferences, dropped football, or joined the FCS. In the 1996 NCAA conference realignment, the Southwest Conference dissolved, and four Texas teams from that conference joined with the Big 8 schools to form the Big 12 Conference. The Western Athletic Conference expanded to sixteen members, but half of the schools left in 1999 to form the Mountain West Conference. Conference USA (C-USA) formed from a merger of the Metro Conference and the Great Midwest Conference, two conferences which had not sponsored football. The Big West stopped sponsoring football after the 2000 season, and was essentially replaced by the Sun Belt Conference, which added former Big West members and began sponsoring football in 2001. In the mid-2000s, the Big East added former basketball-only member Connecticut, while Temple left the conference .

  • In many states, the highest-paid public employee is the head coach of an FBS team.
  • In the mid-2000s, college and conferences began to create their own television networks; such networks include the Big Ten Network, BYUtv, the Longhorn Network, and the Pac-12 Network.
  • The non-FBS schools of the original conference left to form a new conference that purchased the Big East name, while the FBS schools continued to operate under the old Big East’s charter and structure.
  • (The CAA football league, branded as CAA Football, is technically a separate entity from the all-sports CAA.) However, the Dukes were eligible for at-large bids to all NCAA team championships in 2021–22.
  • This issue came up in the 2017 season when Florida State was thought to be bowl-ineligible because one of its six wins that season was over Delaware State, a school that did not meet the 90% requirement with football-related aid.

James Madison University joined the Sun Belt after meeting the NCAA minimum of five FBS opponents at its home stadium, as required and scheduled. This happened after James Madison’s FCS conference, the all-sports Colonial Athletic Association , barred the Dukes from competing in or hosting team championships in any sport for that conference during the 2021–22 season according to CAA bylaws.

College Football Playoff rankings schedule, release dates

Prior to joining the Sun Belt, GASOU won six FCS (I-AA) national championships and have produced two Walter Payton Award winners. The Eagles first continuously fielded a football team in 1924; however, play was suspended Forex brokers for World War II and revived in 1981. College football has been played for over one hundred years, but the game and the organizational structure of college football have evolved significantly during that time.

The 25 biggest college football stadiums

In 2024, UCLA and USC will leave the Pac-12 for the Big Ten and Kennesaw State will upgrade to FBS and join C-USA. Activate bonuses from the Forex broker, such as doubling your deposit; participate in the promotions and make more out of financial markets.

(The CAA football league, branded as CAA Football, is technically a separate entity from the all-sports CAA.) However, the Dukes were eligible for at-large bids to all NCAA team championships in 2021–22. By meeting scheduling requirements in 2022, JMU skipped one year of the normal two-year transition process, making it eligible for bowl games in 2023. On July 1, 2023, two outgoing FCS teams Jacksonville State and Sam Houston are moving to C-USA. The FBS has experienced several realignments since its formation in 1978, with many teams changing conferences, dropping out of the FBS, or moving up from the FCS.

Undefeated FBS college football teams in 2022

The winner of the College Football Playoff receives the College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy. The AP awards the AP National Championship Trophy, while the American Football Coaches Association awards the AFCA National Championship Trophy. The AFCA trophy was previously awarded to the winner of the BCS National Championship Game , which operated from 1999 to 2014. The Football Writers Association of America awarded the Grantland Rice Trophy until after the 2013 season, and the National Football Foundation awards the MacArthur Bowl. Since the disputed end of the 2003 season, the various organizations have been able to agree on a single national champion. National networks such as CBS, ABC, NBC, several ESPN networks, and several Fox networks have all covered the, as have several regional and local networks. As conferences negotiate their own television deals, each conference is affiliated with a network that airs its home games.

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The Georgia Southern Eagles finished their first season 9–3 overall and was undefeated in Sun Belt Conference play at 8–0; winning the Sun Belt Conference championship outright in its first year as an FBS member. They were also the first team ever to go unbeaten in conference play in their first FBS season. NCAA rules interpretations allow academic aid to count toward the 90% requirement. This issue came up in the 2017 season when Florida State was thought to be bowl-ineligible because one of its six wins that season was over Delaware State, a school that did not meet the 90% requirement with football-related aid.

Virtually all of the SMU campus, including the football stadium, lies in University Park, which together with its neighbor Highland Park forms an enclave within the Dallas city limits. The U.S. Postal Service considers all locations within University Park and Highland Park to have a Dallas mailing address. Most of the Penn State campus, including the football stadium, lies outside the municipality of State College, instead lying in a portion of College Township designated by the U.S.

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