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Best Transportation Stocks to Invest in for 2022 The Motley Fool

But travel and shipping demand can fall dramatically during tough economic times, so transportation stocks are best suited to investors who are comfortable with cyclicality. United Parcel Service is the world’s largest package delivery company, transporting around 15 Million packages and documents per business day throughout the US and other parts of the world. Over the years, UPS has enhanced its operations through mergers and acquisitions (M&A). It has obtained UK-based Freightex, an asset-light provider of truckload, less-than-truckload, specialized, and refrigerated over-the-road services. C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. is a leading provider of third-party logistics services. It has contracts with more than 71,000 carriers and handles about 18 million shipments per year for its 113,000-plus customers in the food and beverage (F&B), manufacturing, and retail industries.

  • Most transportation companies use a lot of energy, so their financial performance is directly linked to the price of crude oil.
  • UPS is a parcel delivery service based in the United States, which has been operating for over a century.
  • Put your brand front and center by using your own branded, custom packaging or use free unbranded packaging — all on us.
  • API Logistics North America prides itself on being an innovator since establishing itself back in 1980.
  • They step in to manage everything from warehouse management and distribution to transportation services.

Join this webinar with ParkourSC to learn how digital twin technology can improve the visibility of… Find out how Thermo Fisher Scientific and ParkourSC are leveraging modern supply chain technologies… As a result Maersk has been able to make long-term investments focused on growing further as well as decarbonization. This has uss express work from home become even truer throughout the Covid-19 pandemic when demand for medical supplies and other goods increased while business restrictions were in place. In a world where manufacturers are outputting more goods than ever, it is essential that the third-party logistics firms that they outsource to are reliable and dependable.

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Following the COVID outbreak, PepsiCo showcased its agile supply chain by quickly launching two direct-to-consumer offerings——to enable customers to customize a range of its products. Amid a worldwide chip shortage, Intel announced in March 2021 that it would be spending $20 billion to build two new chip plants in Arizona.

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While for the moment the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic appears to be over, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is giving rise to further turmoil in the world economy as fuel prices skyrocket and sanctions reshape global supply chains. GEFCO provides logistics solutions by land, sea, and sky to businesses across 47 countries. Image SourceTheir focus is on returns management and recommerce for retail stores and eCommerce businesses. Optoro also partners with Returnly to handle refunds and other aspects of the reverse logistics process. Reverse logistics companies can manage all or just part of your reverse logistics process, depending on what you need. With a 50-year history, DHL now operates in 220 countries with 380,000 global employees.

Defy Opens a World Class Warehousing and Distribution Centre in Danskraal, Ladysmith

This is an extreme example, but it does show what can happen when the wrong people are left to oversee logistics and supply chains. Optoro provides businesses with a technology-driven and consumer-focus reverse logistics solution.

best us logistics employers

You can’t spell FedEx without Federal Express Corporation, which does business as FedEx Express. The largest subsidiary of FedEx (about 60% of sales), FedEx Express is responsible for its parent’s namesake express delivery business, the world’s largest. FedEx Express delivers some 3.5 million packages per day throughout the US and to some 220 countries and territories worldwide. Packages account for most of the company’s sales; FedEx Express also delivers pallets of freight weighing from 150 pounds to 2,200 pounds. The company operates a fleet of about 690 aircraft and about 50,000 motor vehicles and trailers. Hunt Transportation Services, which provides trucking and transportation services.

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