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In addition, a marriage license is PUBLIC RECORD

In addition, a marriage license is PUBLIC RECORD

jees! can’t u leave them alone? i mean, obviously not being contented with their (brilliant banging, crazy dancing and hip swinging) music, u have to delve into their lives aswell?! i mean, i preffered the mystery, personally, but i’d also like to remind you that even ‘pop stars’ are at privelage to their person privicy.

As disgusted as you seem to be about “delv[ing] into their private lives”, you have somehow managed to come to this site to look at the marriage license.

Please wake me up when you use a name and a valid email address……I’ll never leave them alone. I want to be Meg’s boyfriend, and now that I know that her “brother” is out of the way, I can make my move!

So what

I think the reason they did it was so them and their earliest fans could have a little in-joke, or a way of seperating the ‘true fans’ from the others. I don’t know why they would care after the joke was found out…maybe so that they wouldn’t get questioned about it..hmmm…

okay, so there’s this. which could prove something, and could be a coincidence. since you have these fabulous resources to obtain marriage licenses, ever think to look for birth certificates for the two (as of right now fictitious) white siblings?

Sorry Tom: “[Birth] Records are available since 1867. Birth records are restricted in Michigan and only a person named on the record or who is a legal guardian or representative of an individual named on the record may request a copy.”

Please note the word PUBLIC

Are their “earliest fans” (you know, the “true fans”) retarded? Or do they really think this is anything other than a publicity stunt?

Actually, the earliest fans, the people in Detroit, have known this all along, and have laughed at the rest of the world for taking this so seriously.

I never really cared one way or another. To me it was about as interesting as whether or not someone uses their real name. If someone wants to present themselves a certain way that doesn’t take advantage, I don’t see the harm. It’s show biz. Who gets hurt (or benefits) by knowing if they’re husband/wife, brother/sister, cat/dog, tomato/tomatoe.

I’m just surprised that anyone would be offended by the posting of the White Stripes marriage license. Didn’t the White Stripes bring this on themselves by playing their game with the media? Isn’t Glorious Noise just continuing the game?

i think this is really important, i , who own and loved each white stripe record i own can’t believe i was fooled, i will never listen to them again. it just bothers me that in a world where the internet is at my fingertips, in an age where all information should be at my disposal at all times, that i could be duped in such a way. the white stripes suck for that, i should be able to know everything about everybody anytime anywhere and thank god for things like glorious nosy which help themselves and us, all of which have dismal lives and must use the internet to feel something real, they need to be thanked for this without people like them i would still like the white stripes and still be stupid enough to believe their crazy stories. i was going to go out in the world today and have a real conversation with someone but now since i’ve read this piece on the stripes i will forever live my life vicariously through others on a computer screen, i will nit pick every celebrity i see fit, and i am throwing out my ramones records to boot, not brother and sister? what assholes, we’re smarter than that right guys?…..wait a minute i’m in this band.

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